01 Virtual Reality
We Combine Architecture, Education, VR
02 Education Tool
We develop VR apps as an educational tool for architecture departments
03 Appearance Quality
VR apps have almost the same appearance as the real buildings
04 Virtual Classes
The lecturers and students will be in the same virtual classroom, even if they are in different physical environments
05 Intreaction
We implement various interaction techniques to VR apps
06 Artificial Intellegience
We also develop an AI model which recognizes the user gesture automatically in VR apps
About the project
We combine design, thinking and technical
Development of VR Application of Historical Buildings

After collecting detailed data about the historical building, each project partner will develop an interactive, architectural education-purpose VR application from its country.

Preparation of User Guide

Project partners will prepare a user guide which, explains how to use these VR applications in the lessons.

Preparation of Video Tutorials

The partners will prepare a video tutorial series to teach the VR application development steps in detail to target groups.

Development of the curriculum

A curriculum called "VR Application Development for Buildings" for computer science departments will be developed to raise the human resources to develop these applications.

Results & Outcomes of the VRarch
VR Application
VR Application of Historical Building in Safranbolu
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VR Application
VR Application of Historic Building in Birmingham
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VR Application
VR Application of Historical Building in Lecce
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Guide Book
User Guide of VR Applications
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Video Tutorial
Video Tutorials For Developing VR Applications of Historic Buildings
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VR Application Development Curriculum
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The Project

Historical buildings are damaged or become unusable in time or due to reasons such as earthquakes, war, fire, which have much more destructive effects. Restoration works recycle these buildings; however, this process is complex and requires expert...

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The Project Activities

To develop interactive VR applications that realistically visualize historical buildings for restoration education in 3D and to train human resources who can develop these applications....

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